Now go, and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make good art.” — Neil Gaiman

And that, dear friends, is exactly what I intend to do.

Now, will all of them be glorious, amazing, and fantastic? I don’t know. Will they be interesting? I hope so. I really, really do. But I AM in Scotland, so they’ll at least be different; right?

YES! That’s correct. I am in Scotland. For what, you ask? For graduate school. Which will hopefully be a lot more fun than it sounds. Grad school. uh.

But it is off to a pretty good start. Nothing crazy has happened. I didn’t get lost in an airport. It was a pretty easy flight, actually. It was a very quick trip from London to Toronto, like we went up and then immediately started back down. And then the wait in Toronto was a bit melancholic. I thought it’d be easier this time. And it kind of was, but I think a lot of that just hasn’t hit me yet. It’s on the way though, I’m sure. And part of it might just be that Scotland, for whatever reason, feels closer than Japan. Weird, but true.

So the flight to Edinburgh from Toronto was delayed, which worked out better for me, even though sleeping wasn’t happening. I dozed a couple of times, only to wake up because I was just so uncomfortable. And customs was a breeze. I don’t have my complete visa yet; I need to pick that stuff up later, but I just wandered through the queue, and was waved in. I guess that was immigration. There really wasn’t any customs; it might have been too early for them.

So then i got my keys and that was a little bit of a mess. I was just there so early. And then I got to my flat. (hee hee, flat) It’s a lot bigger than I thought it’s be. 8 rooms total. And the kitchen is down at the other end of the hall, which is fine, but I feel like the hallway just echoes noises as I walk down. Maybe it’s just like that in the hallway.

And the roommates I’ve met are all super nice. So far 3 girls (although there is another one somewhere) and 3 boys, but there is an empty room that might be another guy. Two of them are in similar programs to mine on the same campus, but not actually in my program. I’ll meet all though people later I guess. Thursday is the first day of class.

But we’re going on a ghost tour around Edinburgh on Monday evening. Why am I doing that? I don’t know. It sounds interesting, but also like a terrible idea. I don’t do scary. I think it’s supposed to be terrifying. Yay. (Read that as flatly as you can.)

Other than that, there isn’t much to say. What have I done so far….slept. I need to get on this time zone. And I’ve done some welcome stuff at one of the campuses. And I’ll prolly join a club or society or whatever. But that stuff is later this week. Mostly slept. I’d like to go to sleep again, but it’s kind of…the middle of the afternoon. And I need to buy groceries. Because eating is a nice thing to do.

Until later, then, when I have some ghost stories to tell, or a society to chat about. ^^


4 thoughts on “Now go, and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make good art.” — Neil Gaiman

  1. So how are your classes on this first day of school? Your flat sounds great and at least bigger than what you had in Japan. Have you seen any sun yet?


  2. I love that Neil Gaiman quote! I actually bought a little book of just that speech, graphically enhanced. Glad your arrival was smooth. I’m very jealous of you: new flat, new friends. Even the ghost tour sounds cool. I’ve always wanted to take the Jack the Ripper tour in London. I hope this first week is fun, and all your flatmates are nice and sane. Keep writing!


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