Optimistically, this will be some great commentary on how a Western woman, particularly one with blonde hair and skin the color of paper, adapts to the uniquely opposite and amazing culture of Japan. More likely, this is will end up a series of rants and odd thoughts, and hopefully it will be done in an amusing manner. Prolly.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I read a lot of books. I also watch a lot a TV shows and movies. So if you read something in here that could be a reference to something else…it probably is.

Words like ‘effing’, ‘anywho’ and ‘prolly’ are just a part of my vocabulary now. Yes, I know what they should be, and yes, I know that they are technically wrong. I also don’t much care.

I am from the great state of Ohio. I was born there, raised there, and graduated from college there. I belong to the Northern Cities Shift, but you can only hear it when I talk fast. I like having two or three conversations at once; it keeps the mind occupied. (But I only have one friend who can keep up with the Blondeness; maybe because she’s also blonde.)

I used to live in Japan. I can’t tell you if there’s a reason for that. It’s just how things are. Currently I am in the process of moving to Scotland. When the Worlds your playground…move to Scotland, get a Masters, then move back to Japan, cause why the eff not?!

C’est la vie.

Also, check out samarawrightwriting.wordpress.com. That’s me too.


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