“Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.” — Mark Twain

(Good thing I’m a writer. And insane. Well, just a little bit.)

I know, I know! I’ve not written in ages!! Days! Weeks! Months! maybe not months. Actually, I’m not sure how long it’s been. So I’ll try to make this one count.

What have I been doing? Do I even know? A lot of school work, which is why I’m here so that’s all well and good.

I just had my first assessments due. Which is basically like midterms, but a different word, because, of course. Can’t use the same words as those crazy Americans. Or the same grading scale. (Why? What is D1-5, P1-5, F1-5 First of all, why do you need to number the Failing grades. I think just failing is pretty much all you need there. And then whats passing versus distinction. WHY IS THAT A THING???? What happened to percentages……..’cause seriously I think the distinctions start at 77%….That’s a C. A high C, but a C.) I don’t know what grade I got yet. Or, ever, because I don’t understand the grading obviously. We’ll find out soon I guess. It’s only 30% of the total grade. But still. Meh.

One of them was a research plan for a novel. Maybe that’ll get written at some point. Maybe not. I might get my feedback, and all it’ll say is, no. Don’t. Naaaaah. Hopefully it doesn’t. But at least that book has a plot.

The book I’m developing for Creative and Editorial Development……..doesn’t have a plot yet. BUT! I know what to do to get a plot. It’s a near-future speculative science fiction. I’ve spent a lot of time looking into viruses. Which is a form of procrastination. I don’t have a plot though. Had no idea what one of the characters wanted. But now I think I might. Maybe. She’ll get there. Whatever. I’ll work on it. Part of my grade in that class relies on figuring out a plot. Oh! And my mentor thinks it should be around 80000 words. I just looked at her….like okay. Sure. And I’ll invent a new math at the same time. I don’t have to start writing it yet. But if I want to use it as my major project for the summer, I shouldn’t start writing it yet. Otherwise, my mentor will tell me to start a new project. Because as helpful and motivating as she is, she’s also a little bit…..over enthusiastic; and mean. Not mean mean. But you get it.

That’s been my life though. Look up science stuff. Pretend I have a plot. Figure out plague statistics. Cry a bit (not really. not yet. I have not yet hit the wall….which I think is a good thing). Then look up more stuff. Ask people in my flat about science stuff. Because they’re scientists. It’s a lot of research. Ugh.

Then there was the research plan for the other book which was, funnily enough, also a lot of research. So many books that I should be reading. Or articles. Or movies. Whatever. I’ll get around to it. I’ve got a pile sitting here from the library, and then like four from home. I’ll get it done. But it was my birthday recently! So you know, I had to celebrate!

I mean, seriously. It was a good birthday. Nothing got too crazy. I had fun. The people I’ve met that celebrated with me are amazing. They’re gorgeous people. My flatmates decorated the kitchen with balloons for me! It was great. I did tear up a bit at that. And now we get to escalate from there for everyone else’s birthdays. There’s a couple more weeks before the next one, but I think we’ve already got a plan. It involves balloons and Saran wrap. (Which again, isn’t called Saran wrap….I don’t even know what it is called; cling film?)

Oh and then my mentor offers editing services for short story contest entries and there just happens to be a scifi contest coming up, due date in January, so we’ve decided (I mean, yeah, I know I need to do this) that I can use the contest as a minor character/world-building development exercise. MORE WRITING. What did I expect though? It’s a Creative Writing MA……

Oh, we started doing this psychogeography thing….I don’t get it and I don’t like it. So my plans for tomorrow are to go get lost in Edinburgh, pretending I can walk routes from Cleveland here. Which obvi I can’t. But that is apparently what part of this psychogeography thing is? Who knows. That’s what we’ll find out next week. I’ll try not to get arrested.

What else? Not much. Making plans to do things over breaks. Like driving…? to the Isle of Skye in summer.(OMG OMG I CAN RENT CARS NOW!) I super want to come home for Christmas, but monies….. it’s just so expensive. I’m gonna keep looking for tickets though. More procrastination!

I can’t remember if I’ve done anything else….is that bad? I haven’t really been anywhere outside of the city. And even that is usually within walking distance. I’ve had the remnants of a cold for the better part of October. It’s just a cough. But it’s annoying. And I want it to go away.

But I’m having fun. I really like it here. If you’re planning on visiting, let me know. I only have classes on Thursdays and Fridays, so I have time to hang out. I mean I have homework. But it’s what it is. I do like it here. I dunno why. It’s cold and gray; so is Cleveland. I can’t understand some people still. People can’t understand me. I ordered a latte the other day and got a cappuccino. That can’t just be me though. Oh, and NO ON UNDERSTANDS WHAT I’M SAYING WHEN I SAY MY NAME!!!!!! So I guess I’m Siam now; Nice to meet you. It cannot be that hard, can it?

If you wanna know something specific, you should ask me. I’m often distracted by the two novels I’m supposed to be writing. ❤ ❤ ❤ Love you guys!


“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” — Dr. Seuss

The Daily Prompt:

When reading for fun, do you naturally gravitate to fiction or non-fiction? Do you know why?

Fiction or Non-fiction? It’s not even a choice for me. I’m all about that fiction. There aren’t any rules in fiction; if you want gravity to suddenly stop working because mole men area digging to the center of the earth to ask the dinosaurs to help fight off the evil Martian worm king, then, gosh darn-it, that can happen. All you have to do is write it. It’s that easy.

Or you could take the simpler route and write about your life with one minor difference, say…you were born in Canada, or you wear glasses, or you don’t wear glasses. It’s up to you!

Anything goes in fiction. And it weathers the passage of time quite well. (Most of it.)

Now all this isn’t to say I don’t ever read non-fiction. I am just even more picky about them. (And I am ridiculously picky about books. Cover, synopsis, title, all need to be exactly right for me to be interested enough to read it.)

Typically, if my Dad likes it,I’ll give it a chance. We don’t always have the same taste in non-fiction, but that’s my rule of thumb. I prefer a humorous twist to things (always looking for the funnier things in life) and I think we have similar sense of humor. Maybe he doesn’t. But he can’t stop me from thinking that, so there! HA!

“Experience is the teacher of all things.” — Julius Caesar

Today’s challenge was to change your theme. I bet you can tell that I did that. I’m not sure if it makes much difference one way or the other. I like the lighter background, to me it seems easier to read. If you think it was the worst mistake a human being has ever committed, let me know. I’ll change it back. I did like the circles….

And again, as that was not a post, i have undertaken the daily prompt. Write for exactly ten minutes. No more, no less; but it can be about anything you want. And seeing as I’ve already started talking about a whole lot of…well nothing, I will continue on with that.

Today I was teaching ES, and I love it! As time goes on, it’s becoming obvious that I love the ES soooooooo much more than the JHS. Although the special needs class in the JHS is kind of the best in the entire school. But, by far, the cutest kid is at the ES. He’s also in the special needs class, but he wears these suspenders to school every day. Oh my goodness, he’s adorable. Easily distracted, but adorable.

Besides the fact that there is no “Scary-sensei” at the ES, the kids just don’t care as much about getting things wrong. And they aren’t worried about taking entrance exams, well not really, so we just play games all day. I mean yes, bingo gets a little old for me, and I am tired of the screaming and yelling that accompanies the kids’ favorite ‘Janken’ game (Rock-Paper-Scissors; although they like to say Rock-Scissors-Paper, which just sounds wrong to me…) because you know they get into that. I have heard Japan called the land of Janken, and there is a very good reason for it.

I mean at the JHS the teachers have to teach them certain grammatical points, and what-not, and the kids need to know it to get into HS but seriously, what happened to  tricking students into learning by making it fun? That’s what I do to the ES kids. Today we learned colors…well they knew all the colors already. What they didn’t know is that I tricked them into learning ‘What color do you like”. I haven’t made them say this without prompting yet, which is probably why they didn’t notice, but next week, when they say it all on their own, hopefully they still won’t realize they learned something! They’ll just know it.

Okay. Time’s up.