“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” — J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Goodbye Japan; Hello Scotland!!!! 

It’s only my second day here. And I’m still getting used to the whole time zone change thing. I’ve mostly been walking around the city, or to use the scientific term – getting lost. Streets do not have a nice straight way about them here. 

A few things are the same as Japan. I still, unfortunately, feel a bunch of people starting at me. Only now, instead of knowing the reason – being a blonde pale person, relatively tall – I have no idea what they’re lookin at. Am I obviously American? Probably…although living in Japan should have softened that, right? Am I doing something that’s weird? No idea… 

I mean I’m not wearing the apparent skinny pant uniform that almost everyone else is…but how boring would that be? (And I do mean almost everyone) But is that really a reason to stare at me? I wouldn’t think so. 

I was rocking sunglasses yesterday. But I love sunglasses. And even a little light can blind me. I am loving the clouds though. I missed that in Japan. With all its stupid sun. Cleveland has gorgeous gray days all the time. Apparently so does Scotland. 

Maybe by fall I’ll be able to blend in more. 

Another problem that I’m having is this unconcious, almost, habit of planning what I’m going to say. Even though it’s in English, and I know English. It’s a leftover from Japan.  Planning my japanese sentences just made everything go a bit more smoothly. And I find myself doing that here. But in English. Oops?

Walking is my friend too. Even though I have no cell coverage so can’t get a map and end up with very little idea of where I am. Buses and trains and taxis scare me a little. Because I don’t know how money works. In Japan at least, I had it. I could do money. Not always in Japanese, but I knew what and how much etc. Pounds though? No clue. I had a mini panic when I realized that there’s a difference between Bank of England and Bank of Scotland issued notes. And again with these 1 pound coins. Like 100 yen coins. What’s wrong with 1 dollar bills? Apparently that’s not a common thing. 

I think Australia also prefers the coin variety. And pence….? Money’s hard. 

But I’ll get it sorted. I can do this – I have to do this. I’ll need to be able to do this in September. So there’s that. 

Everything is stone here. Where are the wood buildings? But it’s cool. Very UK-like. I do just want my central-heated wood house though. I’ll see you soon (one week). 

And my doggie! So many dogs here. Beautiful fluffy things. But I want my Kuma. My great big dumb beastie. Oh and my family and friends. I want to see them too. Of course, I want to see them. My dog just better be there too. At least for the first week or so. 

But I’ll write more later. I’m off to look for Nessie tomorrow, and the at least one more day trip to various castles (castles!) around the country. AND most important – my new school. I’m super excited about that. 

I did learn how to put a kilt on – like the full kilt thing. Not just the skirt-ish part. So I can do that now. If I had one. Maybe I can figure out some terrible kimono/kilt monster hybrid. 

Till later. 6 more days till Cleveland!